I like to think that I’m a pretty intelligent person. And I thought that I was well informed on becoming a parent as my pregnancy neared the end. But there were just some things that I just didn’t know until I actually became a parent.

Everyone is going to have an opinion about your parenting, and they won’t be shy to share it

And I’m not just talking about people you know. I’m also talking about strangers. Complete. Fucking. Strangers. People not afraid to approach you and tell you exactly what they think you’re doing wrong. And you know what? Some of these people won’t even be parents themselves.

People make a big deal about breastfeeding

Even if your baby is covered, you will get dirty looks from strangers. And if they don’t fully show their distaste with a dirty stare, they will uncomfortably look away, scared to get caught looking in your direction. Oh, and even family members will become vocal about publicly breastfeeding. *eyeroll*

You will function on the smallest amount of sleep you’ve ever gotten (and sometimes that will mean no sleep at all)

Even though during your pre baby days you HAD to have 8 or more hours to feel normal. You’ll rock the whole parent thing on no sleep because your baby needs you to.

Your body will NOT be the same

Now, I knew my body would change. (Stretch marks and a c section scar show the journey my body went through.) But even if you get back to a weight you were before, things are just different. My hips are wider. My tummy is a different shape. And the boobs, well obviously.

Some people  (including other moms) will judge you for having a c section 

Comments I’ve heard – not natural, doesn’t count as real labour, it’s taking the easy way out. Are you fucking kidding me? I was in labour for 12 hours before I had an unplanned c section. My baby was too big for my body to birth vaginally, and I was at risk for infection. That sounds pretty real. And it wasn’t easy at all. 9 months latwr and my c section scar still itches and bothers me sometimes. So shove it.