So, first baby. Getting our first puppy together a few months later seems logical, right?

It’s summertime. I’m home all the time with the baby. It’ll be a piece of cake. Sure.

With some dogs, I’m sure that’s true. But we got a border collie. Now, I’ve grown up with border collies. I know their temperment. I know their energy levels. I just clearly forgot what a PUPPY was like. 

I literally feel like I have twins. Two high maintenance twins. All you twin mama’s, you’re amazing and I don’t know how you do it. 

I’m exhausted. My son’s naptime used to be my relax time. Now it’s all about playtime and walks with the puppy in the yard to make sure he doesn’t have an accident inside. And to keep him from getting bored.

If anything, at least I’m staying active. Haha.

The positive? We love our puppy. And our son LOVES having a puppy as well. He is such an animal lover already. It just melts me.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t change anything. I would maybe just add the odd nap for me into the equation. (I wish)