Happy day-after Mother’s Day. Hope everyone enjoyed their day. 

It was my first Mother’s Day and it was great. I was able to sleep in 3 hours longer than usual thanks to my wonderful partner who woke up with our son. I relaxed with coffee, my partner made waffles, and we were able to watch a movie while our son took his nap. We played in the park on the swings, and once the sun came out, played at our new splash table, which our little one loved. The day was finished by a nice family supper with my in laws. It was relaxing and full of love.


With all that relaxing yesterday, today I’m left with all kinds of cleaning that was neglected yesterday. Sigh. Looking at my kitchen while suffering a lack-of-caffeine headache (because I’m trying to cut back/cut out coffee. Hahahahaha I know…crazy right?!) I have ZERO motivation. 

Anyone else feeling the same?