To the few people who might bother to read this, 

How did you know you were on the right path? Doing what you were meant to do? How did you get to a place where you just trusted your decisions?

Ever since having my son, he is 100% my priority. He is my world. His existence in this world changed me completely. To the point that I just do NOT want to go back to work in the fall. I do not want to trust his care and development to anyone else. And I do not want to be anything but a mom. This is what I feel I was meant to do. And now that I have him? Bring on the others. Yup, multiples. I think I want 2 more. At least. I want to be a SAHM. The world’s most exhausting and underpaid job-not paid at all to be exact. But it would be the most gratifying thing, and it is all I can imagine doing now. 

And to want that path now, after having my life mapped out in a completely different way for so long… well I’m feeling a little crazy.