It’s been awhile since I’ve written. That is a bad habit I tend to have with blogs, neglecting them. But that’s not the case this time. 


This time I have a good reason… I had my beautiful baby boy.

It has been quite the experience. Early labor started on Wednesday, but the hospital sent me home until contractions became more regular. Thursday morning, my partner and I went to a regularly schedule doctor’s appointment, and let me tell you, things were starting to hurt. So we ventured to the hospital right away. By 12 pm on Thursday, we were admitted and our labor journey has begun. 

And for a first time mom, having a plan ended up being a bit pointless. I had NO idea what to expect going in, and trying to plan just did NOT work. 

By 8 pm, the pain had become too much for me. So I said, epidural? Bring it on. And MAN am I glad I did. It made all the difference. The problem? The epidural changed how my contractions came, and dilation took a turn. Things just weren’t working. My body wasn’t cooperating, and by 12 am, I hadn’t dilated in almost 5 hours, and my baby had turned. 

To top things off, I developed a fever and risked getting an infection. This prompted the doctor to bring on the dreaded news…. A c-section was necessary. 

I was so nervous. And getting a c-section was NOT what I wanted (not that I think anything is wrong with them, but I was not prepared for a surgery or the recovery time that came with it). 

But on we went to the operating room. The actual surgery was not bad at all. The surgical team was amazing and really put me at ease. And my partner was great and by my side. By 1:31 am on Friday morning, my son was brought into this world. 

And nothing else from that day mattered. ❤️