I’ve always been the type of person who tends to clean mostly when I’m stressed, angry, avoiding my feelings. Any given day, you can’t MAKE me clean (unless company is on the way, that is).

With being pregnant, my biggest symptom has been exhaustion. I am ALWAYS TIRED. Seriously. If I could nap 18 hours of the day, I could. Easily.

But not today. Today has me WIDE awake. I’m talking up since 3 am doing things. Laundry, prepping freezer meals, and still stopping for the odd movie break.

My friend thinks this is the “nesting” phase that women tend to get just before the baby arrives.

But I wonder, could this be me avoiding my feelings as usual?

I worry that I don’t have our place prepared for baby. I worry that my partner is not ready for the baby (but that’s a conversation we haven’t had yet). I worry about the unknowns that lay ahead of me (ahem, mainly the painful parts, such as labor…)

But being worried about things like that is normal, right?

Back to cleaning, I go! ❤️